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Marinara Sauce

Growing up in Brooklyn New York I took for granted that the food I was eating as a child tasted the same everywhere you went. Imagine my surprise the first time I had Pasta with a Marinara Sauce at a friends house in California. OMG it was like ketchup with a bit of garlic in it!! All’s I could do was smile and pretend to like it, but WOW it was hard.

A good Marinara sauce can take hours to come together, I remember my parents Simmering the sauce all day and the taste was always amazing. So what do you do when you don’t have hours? Well I will show you how to get a good Marinara with plenty of taste in a short time, and it will taste far better then the store bought sauces so many people buy.

I will show you start to finish how to make this Amazing Marinara Sauce, the secret is always in the ingredients, by using fresh garlic and onions you will get a much better flavor, much faster. You can also choose to simmer this same recipe for a few hours and it will continue to improve the taste, but you don’t have too.




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