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Hello I’m Paul Michael Sciacca, I’m a self taught home cook and self proclaimed foodie. Growing up in Brooklyn New York in a traditional Italian family, food was a big deal. Dinner was practically a social event, the whole family sitting at the kitchen table enjoying Mom’s home cooked meal. We would eat and talking about our day, no distractions and no cell phones so everyone talked and enjoyed.  The weekend breakfasts were usually a treat as my Dad loved to make pancakes, And we loved to eat them! Sunday was always the biggest treat of all, sometimes my parents would wake up early and sneak out to pick up hot fresh bagels for breakfast.

Sunday dinner was always a pasta dish that mom slaved over for hours. The wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen would always make us hungry and full of anticipation for the meal coming later in the day. Family get togethers and holiday meals were always a real treat and a bit more like a feast then a meal, with anti-past and fresh Italian bread. No matter what was going on we always came together over food and it has become a big part of my life and I’m sure yours as well.

So imagine my surprise when I moved out of New York to California. And I found little to no restaurants that could cook like the meals I grew up with. So I had to learn fast to make the things that made me feel like home. And over the years I developed a knack for cooking and more and more friends would ask for recipes. It wasn’t until I moved to Las Vegas that I decided to share my recipes and cooking lessons and tips with all of you.


This Blog is for my subscribers to leave comments and hopefully leave their experience in trying these dishes. I hope you enjoy my recipes and videos and I ask that you subscribe both here and on YouTube. Also please give my videos a like and a share, leave comments and suggestions.

Bon Appetit !

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